AP intermediate timetable 2015 for Jr ,Sr Inter Exam Dates .

Andhra Pradesh State Intermediate 2015 final Examination tests Time Table announced by Board of Intermediate at www.bieap.gov.in ..

Andhra Pradesh State Board Of Intermediate Education (BIEAP) has issued Schedule for Junior of inter 1st Year annual Examination test schedule with Dates and timings Subject wise and Paper wise for General and Vocational Examinations at Board official web site of ww.bieap.gov.in for 2015 annual Examination Tests .

   First-year Time Table           Second-year Time Table
12/3/2015Second Language13/3/2015Second Language
14/3/2015English Paper-115/3/2015English Paper-2


Maths Paper-1a
Botany Paper-1
Civics Paper-1
Psychology Paper-1


Maths Paper-2a
Botany Paper-2
Civics Paper-2
Psychology Paper-2


Maths  Paper-1b
Zoology Paper-1
History Paper-1


Maths Paper-2b
Zoology Paper-2
History Paper-2


Physics Paper-1
Economics Paper-1
Classical Language Paper-1


Physics Paper-2
Economics Paper-2
Classical Language Paper-2


Chemistry Paper-1
Commerce Paper-1
Sociology Paper-1
Fine Arts
Music Paper-1


Chemistry Paper-2
Commerce paper-2
Sociology Paper-2
Fine Arts
Music Paper-2


Geology Paper-1
Home Science Paper-1 Pub.Admn paper-1
Logic Paper-1
Geography Paper-1 Bridge Course Maths Paper-1 (for BPC Students)


Geology Paper-2
Home Science Paper-2 Pub. Admn Paper-2
Logic Paper-2
Geography Paper-2 Bridge Course Maths Paper -2 (for BPC Students)
28/3/2015Modern Language Paper-129/3/2015Modern Language paper-2

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  6. Is this sure timetable or will it change

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  20. There are two time tables, which is correct time table. Some other persons says that, the exams are started from 03rd March 2015. Kindly give the correct information

  21. There are two time tables, which is correct time table. Some other persons says that, the exams are started from 03rd March 2015. Kindly give the correct information

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  23. Plz 1st and 2nd year exam time table

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  25. is there any change in time table

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  35. i just wanna ask you that is there a change in time table becoz i heared that xamstimetable are preponed from 14th of march to 4 of march

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  55. Sir!there is xame on holi day(17/3/14)

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  59. this is official Timetable Please Check in official website if you have any doubts

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    There are two dates of 1a exam that is 17&18 which one is true?

  72. 17th for 1st year 18th for 2nd inter please check again



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